Follow our manufacturing process, step by step

From base material processing to final delivery, here are the different steps of our synthetic stones manufacturing process: rough material producing, rough material cutting, quality control… Let us be your guide through our manufacturing processes and learn about the milestones of it.

Rough material producing: 1 month-long

Laboratory crystallization makes it possible to re-create, in record time and identically, a rough material that in a natural environment would have taken centuries to grow. The chemical processes used (Bridgman-Stockbarger, Verneuil, self-forming crucible…) to create such rough material require about one month.

Rough material preparation: 7 to 10 days

Once the rough material is produced, it needs to be prepared before being cut. It then appears in large blocks that are cut off in thousands small cubes.

Machine cutting: 7 to 15 days

Rough bits now feature the adequate diameter to go through the next step.

Cutting is an automated and quick operation that is ideal to obtain consistent series fabrication and helps guaranteeing good calibration of stones. It will however still require human inspection to identify any potential defect in aspect or in material.

Quality control: 5 to 7 days

Quality control at Dalloz is performed at three stages:

  • First control on the rough material
    Our experts first inspect the external aspect, then saw slices of it to make sure it is consistent with our colour chart.

  • Second control during cutting process
    Two different controls are in fact carried out over the cutting process. The first one consists in a visual inspection with a magnifier, to ensure that all defined features are consistent with the client’s specification.
    The second control is a sampling of the production that is randomly performed twice a day. Collected samples are then subject to thorough inspection by means of a specific machine, which will examine the regularity of the table, culet, girdle, and all facets of the stone.

  • Third and last control
    The stones, after going through a sieving process to remove off-size ones, are handled by our quality specialists who, there again, will perform two different controls: a geometrical control carried out by a machine, and an aesthetical control carried out by experts themselves to approve brilliance, polishing, facet angles…

Counting and packing: 1 to 3 days

Counting is one of the last operations in our stone manufacturing process: each batch is meticulously counted by a machine. Those batches are then counted again manually by our teams, who pack the stones in the relevant packaging.

Order preparation and delivery: 1 to 5 days

The final step is the making of the parcel to ship. The order is verified, stones are weighed and packed, then the parcel is declared at customs, a carrier comes to pick it up… All efforts are made for our clients to receive the stones they have ordered, as quick as possible.

Each one of these steps is crucial to ensure quality of the stones we are delivering to our clients. We are also careful about thinking of our stocks ahead on a large variety of stones, to be able to secure the quickest delivery as possible.

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