A company existing
since over a century

Our story started more than 100 years ago. In 1914, the first world war breaks out and Alfred Dalloz, for reasons of bad health condition, must stay home with his family. But there, up from his mountains, he will choose to fight his own way. Willing to preserve his fellow lapidary friends’ activity, he will create Dalloz company in 1917.

Globe-trotters at heart, the Dalloz brothers will be exporting their excellency stones across the world. Together they will set the bases of a major Maison, that is always very attentive to its clients and eager to be continuously innovating.

Dalloz group, a major
Maison across the world

Over the years, Dalloz family has asserted an expert standing position in the lapidary, the jewelry, the high-end jewelry and watchmaking subcontracting activities, while integrating companies from its whole value chain: from rough material creation to jewel manufacturing. The Group comprises today 1,200 collaborators throughout the world.

Dalloz Stones & Rough is thus one branch of Dalloz Group that is specialised in the lapidary activity. It is still 100% owned by the family.

Our jewelry
sub-contracting unit

Our expert jewellers can design a wide variety of products ranging from small trendy jewels (in gold and silver) to wedding jewels and other far more sophisticated pieces.

Lapidary by Dalloz Stones & Rough

Create & Select

Part of our rough materials are created in our French eco-friendly production factory.

The rough material used for cutting is subjected to rigorous selection.

Cut & Polish

Owing to our lapidary masters’ expertise and leading-edge technologies, we cut stones to bring their most brilliant radiance out.

Control & Fulfil

Our quality control and selection tools combined with strict processes make is possible
for us to meet the highest requirements.

Dalloz Stones & Rough gathers together all necessary skills to ensure the whole process to completely be under control, from creating rough material to cutting stones. Stones are specifically enhanced for setting and wax casting processes and our collections entice and inspire the greatest jewel creators and designers in the world, including in the luxury sector.

Dalloz Stones & Rough :
our DNA

"We are committed to producing ethical, ecological, sustainable and affordable stones that will come beautify our customers’ creations."

Edouard Dalloz, CEO

We are supplying high-range and mid-range jewelry manufacturers a wide variety of cut stones.

We are assisting our clients all the way through their creation process, providing them with relevant information on our product and ensuring after-sales service.






One mainstay in our DNA:
environmental concern

Respect for the environment

Our company was born at the very heart of French mountains. It is essential for us to protect the natural world that is surrounding us; this why we are committed in our whole processes to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Producing rough material is extremely power-consuming; the energy we use for our made in France roughs comes from two different sources: hydropower and transformation of discharges.
  • The SMETA audit of our production factory is complying with environmental standards
  • A 100% ecological packaging !

Respect for the
consumer’s health

Preserve consumer’s health is our priority. To that end, we are investing on a regular basis in research for innovating and safe materials.

Our made in France ruby lines are today free of Chromium 6 (which is a highly carcinogenic product).