Focus on… our quality control process

“Quality control is an essential step at Dalloz to provide customers with a quality product that meets their requirements.”

Murielle G., Quality expert

Our quality control is carried out in three stages, ensuring the excellence of our products throughout manufacturing process.

1ST step: evaluation of rough quality

Dalloz is committed to select best raw materials to cut its stones.

The company has a centennial experience in producing and sourcing rough. Indeed RSA le Rubis, a sister company based in France, manufactures spinel and corundum using the Verneuil process. This from very pure powders produced in-house using green energy.

We also have a great experience in rough sourcing.

Roughs are controlled to ensure their conformity with Dalloz requirements.

This is the first step of our quality control, starting by the raw material itself.

 Do you want to know how we do it?

Our experts have initially a look at external appearance; and then they saw slices in order to determine color and clarity of raw materials.

If the rough is validated by our experts, it is then cut according to customers’ specifications. These first steps are the key to allow us guaranteeing conformity of our stones with our color chart.

2ND step: quality control during the production process

Once raw material has been checked, our experts launch cutting. During this process, two controls are carried out.

First, operators perform a visual inspection. With the help of a magnifying glass, they look into stones to see if parameters set are appropriate or if some have to be adjusted in regard to our quality chart.

Then, twice a day, a quality expert takes a batch of samples to make more thorough controls. Once stones have been cleaned, they undergo an inspection with our high-tech machine to determine the regularity of the table, culet, girdle and facets and their conformity with our quality chart.

3RD step: final control

After quality control during production process, stones are sieved to remove stones with diameters outside our tolerance.

They are then handed over to our quality experts for two checks: a geometric check and an aesthetic check.

Geometrical control

Stones are passed through a machine that carries out automatic measurements, checking for example diameter, height of the girdle, total height, size of the cullet…

Aesthetic control

With the help of tweezers and a magnifying glass, the quality expert carries out a visual check with reference to several criteria: shine, polish, angle of facets, points, inclusions, shape… In order to provide you stones of the best quality!