Rough materials
created by Dalloz

A pure source material

Owing to their skills, ingenuity and environmental concerns, teams in our French factory produce a very pure alum powder, without any discharge into nature.

We recently achieved, thanks to massive investments in R&D, the feat of removing Chromium 6 (a highly carcinogenic product) from whole of our ruby lines, which is in perfect compliance with REACH norm.

An ecological process

The process of recreating a rough material identical to what takes centuries to develop naturally, requires a tremendous amount of energy. Concerned with our environmental footprint, we utilize hydropower and recycling of discharges from surrounding factories to produce rough material that has very limited carbon impact.






White sapphire


rough materials

Selecting the best raw materials

Sourcing rough materials that have not be produced in our own plants is something in which we have great expertise.

This enables us to ensure supply that is steady in colours and in reliable, sustainable, innovating materials.

An exigency for quality & ethics

We undertake ethical and eco-responsible sourcing and select our partners according to their social and environmental performances.

Our Stones

Dalloz also offers a very wide range of materials to truly enhance any jewel creation style.