Crystal stones, a new expertise for Dalloz

For more than 100 years, Dalloz has made it a point of honor to innovate in order to meet customers’ requirements. Today we are extending our collections by offering you a new range of product: crystal.

What is lead crystal made of ?

Lead crystal or strass used in jewelry is a glass made of at least 24% lead oxide. It is used to make fashion jewelry but is also found on clothing, decorative objects, etc.

How it is produced ?

Crystal is created by melting three components, including lead oxide, at high temperature. Although ingestion or inhalation of lead is toxic, it is not dangerous when worn on the skin in crystals. It undergoes a very slow cooling process to reduce defects and imperfections in the final product.

Lead crystal’s advantages

The presence of lead in crystal gives it many advantages. Lead increases its transparency and brilliance by increasing its refractive index.

This component makes it a flexible material, softer than glass, which is therefore relatively easy to work with, especially during the cutting and cold working of the piece.

Crystal has the advantage of being available in many colors and can also be coated to create beautiful shades and color effects.


In order to meet our customers’ requirements, our teams have been trained to understand and master this material, enabling us to provide you with crystal of excellent quality and incomparable brilliance. With the expertise of our quality team, we guarantee you products of great regularity within optimal deadlines.

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