Engraving on premium CZ stones !

Today Dalloz starts the adventure of engraving on premium CZ stones. Why, how and what are the advantages? We tell you more in this article.

Why engraving?

Stone engraving is the signature of the stone manufacturer on his finished product. It is comparable to the signature of a painter on his work of art: the final touch.

This last one allows firstly to have a trace of the identity of the manufacturer; an incontestable means to verify the excellence of the product. At Dalloz, this signature shows the century-old expertise of the brand besides the prestige of its French know-how.

The engraving also allows to differentiate a cubic zirconia from a diamond in a quick way. Indeed, CZ is difficult to identify once mixed with diamonds – even by professionals – because its properties are very close to the latter.

This laser engraving is applied to a new quality, the Premium quality, bringing the quality of CZ to its peak.

4C certificate: the guarantee of our stones’ quality

With our advanced technology, we classify our stones and give you their measurement on a certificate. This high precision gives you a real time saving and thus a gain in productivity! We are committed to the 4Cs: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat. A certificate is provided with all orders.


Our 100% Dalloz machine cut stones are designed with best proportions to maximize light refraction. Our high-quality polishing ensures a magnificent reflection of light. Laser engraving, seeable with a magnification glass, has ideal proportions to give a net and readable result that does not alter stones’ radiance.


As we select the best rough material of white CZ, all Premium L.E.  are D color grade, equal to the purest diamond color. Its excellent luminescence is why CZ is compared to a “drop of pure water”.


White CZ has a dispersion of 50% more important than diamonds, with a high refractive index of 2.15. Our stones are flawless certified, meaning that no inclusion and no blemish are visible under 10x magnification.


Cubic zirconia is 70% heavier than diamond. Weight is mentioned on each certificate.